I want my Polyvore back.



Okay so I know I have been terrible not writing anything for the past month. When I came to check out my site today, I saw that POLYVORE HAS BECOME SSENSE??? 


I was not aware of this at all and now I am devastated. I didn’t even get to have a last look at my account :c They should have had the decency to forewarn that this would be happening.

I have been a Polyvore member for something like 6 years and now everything I created has been gone. The number of hours I spent there were more than anything. Thankfully I had saved my ‘work’ on Pinterest, so it lives on there. But dear me I did not see this coming.

I was even thinking of being super active on Polyvore again, and this happened.

This is an absolute heartbreak, and I think anyone who has been on Polyvore long enough would know and understand this sorrow. It was one of the things I looked forward to. It was therapeutic to put things together. Polyvore was like what I imagine Reddit is to Redditors. It was a brilliant supportive creative space for regular people. I actually spoke and met people on there. Like, real people.

So now where do we go? Can someone please create a Polyvore clone?

I need to go grieve now.


Bunny de coco

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