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I am now launching my fashion curatorial series, where I handpick and feature my favourite items of clothing and accessories. 

I used to be very active on Polyvore where I would create very extensive fashion collections; many Polyvore members seemed to enjoy my curated picks, so I thought I would bring it to the blog as well. I take a lot of time and pride in curating these collections, and am very happy to share them with the world. If you’d like to re-post them or feature them anywhere, all I ask is you provide credentials to my blog. 

We may not all be able to afford these beautiful things, but I hope these artfully selected pieces will provide as much inspiration to you as it does me.

It’s been a strange season. It’s gotten down to 8 degrees in Hong Kong and some days I wear my winter coat inside the house. It’s my first winter in Hong Kong, and never would I have thought that it would actually be cold in this country. I had assumed it would at most be trench-coat cold.

That’s great though, because I love cold weather. Correction: I love dressing up in cold weather.

Although originating from a boringly tropical place where I’ve spent many years playing dodgeball with the sun, I’ve amassed a decent lot of winter items from my travels abroad. Now that I have more use for such items – staying in Hong Kong – I can now justify my winter-related purchases. 

I love furry pastel coats, baggy knit sweaters which my fiancé deems uselessly ‘holey’, scarves of all colours and sizes, the list goes on. As much as I’d wish to own all the loveliest things on earth though, I am moving away from being a hoarder and self-indulgent shopaholic. I still shop of course, but I no longer buy things on a whim. 

I’m now more for minimalism and owning things which are only essential or a real real want. Interestingly, whenever I do buy something these days, the shopping experience gives me much more joy. These items become more treasured and more loved.

Here, I’ve created my personal wishlist of winter item essentials that I’d love to own someday, as I clear out all the unnecessary articles in my closet.

My winter wishlist essentials, created on  Polyvore .

My winter wishlist essentials, created on Polyvore.

Do take note that some of these pieces I’ve selected may no longer be available for purchase. My collections are curated based on aesthetic appeal, and function mostly as inspiration for myself and my readers. In this post, I’m focusing on winter essentials, and these items only pose as inspiration in seeking these wish list essentials.

Nonetheless, here are the details (and my thoughts) if you’re interested in my picks above:


Wrap trench coat: Your go-to for the days which aren’t too cold

There are plenty of beautiful wrap trench coats in shades of khaki and beige that make excellent outerwear for fall season or early winter. (Perhaps I will run another detailed post on wrap trench coats in the future.) Whether you’re out running errands or having a dinner date-night, wrap trench coats are perfect for layering over a dress and tights, which is my kind of style. A neutral shade also makes it easy to match with clothing and accessories, which makes it great for the traveller.

I personally am still on the lookout for a trench coat of my dreams — it’s hard to find one that fits my tiny frame and outerwear is something I need to try on before purchasing. So a wrap trench coat continues to be high on my winter list.

Kate Spade coat

I picked out this Kate Spade trench coat because of its elegant contrast of black and beige. Unfortunately I’m unsure if this particular design is still available.


PAIR OF SHEER TIGHTS: My ultimate staple

I have to say I own plenty of these and I’m not sure what I’d do without them. Sheer tights protect your legs from the harsh cold winds while keeping you looking polished in winter. They’re a staple for me because I wear a lot of dresses and a lot of skirts — even in the middle of winter — and I continue to collect sheer tights in various denier, embellished and what not.

Emporio Armani tight

These are from Emporio Armani, but truly, there are plenty of hosiery brands out there to explore!



This one is a bit tricky to pull off, but definitely something I’d like to own in time to come.

Opera/Evening gloves are, as suggested by its name, perhaps most appropriate for formal occasions; think debutante, bridal, and of course the opera. You’ll definitely have to pair them with an evening gown or cocktail dress, but my-oh-my it’s like stepping into the ’40s.

Nina Ricci glove

What lady-like gloves!



When full-on winter approaches, I’m in knit jumpers most of the time. I have them in assortment of colours, some sparkly with embellishments! They keep you warm and cosy, plus they look cute and cool at the same time.

Jumpers look so chic with skirt of all lengths, with pants, and I wear them over dresses too. (I’ve styled a lot of jumpers on Polyvore and will probably run a post on that soon.)


Knit jumpers <3


Suede ankle boots in brown: versatile chic

Ankle boots are everywhere these days, and I’d be surprised if you don’t already own a pair! They’re versatile enough to go with any outfit I can imagine, plus they’re comfy at a good heel height of 2 inches or so (while looking chic).

I have really tiny ankles, which initially took me forever to find ankle boots that didn’t look ridiculously big on me. Fortunate for me though, I managed to find ones that cuffed my ankles pretty wonderfully; I currently own 2 pairs of ankle boots. The pair in brown are my absolute go-to.

Gianvito Rossi Moore Suede Ankle Boots

These are everywhere, so I’m sure you won’t have trouble looking for brown ankle boots.



Depending on your style, mittens might or might not be for you.

These may look like what babies wear, but I personally love mittens, and wish I could find a pair of these adorable faux fur ones! I’d wear them all the time.

Marni Faux fur mittens

I want theseeee


WOOL-BLEND PRINCESS coat: SOPHISTICATION on heavier-weather days

Elegant and graceful, the princess coat is something I’m looking out for. It’s dressier for evenings and a wool-blend would keep one warm on days with howling wind or falling snow, without looking like a dumpling.

A good wool-blend coat like this is definitely an essential I would want to invest in. 

Brock Collection Charlotte wool-blend coat

Wanna look like a princess?


cashmere lace scarf: warmth essential

I’ve found that wearing scarves keep me so much warmer; they’ve helped me battle the cold winds of Hong Kong to Denmark.

Besides the fact that I really enjoy collecting big scarves with prints and patterns, its function for keeping my neck and essentially my entire upper body warm makes it one of my favourite winter accessories. Talk about function + fashion.

Valentino Lace and cashmere scarf

Lace & cashmere would be the ultimate luxury


BEANIE: cosy headgear

Keeping your ears warm while helping your locks (assuming you have any) stay in place, a beanie is something everyone probably owns at least a piece of.

Something I like to wear but am extra careful of since I’ve had the misfortune of being allergic to some made of materials triggering a bumpy and itchy forehead. Yikes.

Dolce &amp; Gabbana sequinned rose embellished beanie



LACE CAPE: to die for

Yep, if there was some sort of affordable version of this Miu Miu lace cape I could get my hands on, I would do so in a heartbeat. I love lace and this cape is the ultimate beauty; part-vintage and part-regal style, finished with a beautiful bow. All my dreams translated in a coat… I would wear it wherever I go.

Perhaps not so much an essential need, but… an essential top-of-the-list desire!

Miu Miu coat

I will die for you.


OVER-THE-KNEE BOOTS: equestrian chic for cold days

When I first saw girls wearing over-the-knee boots, I thought they reminded me of riding boots that equestrians donned.

Over time, I got convinced that they actually did look good. In fact, I’ve seen some on the runway that looked so magnificent that I started searching for a pair of my own but can’t get any that would fit my legs. In fact, they looked like I had tied suede trash bags around my calves. Not to whine about my slender limbs, but really, I can’t seem to get any over-the-knee boots that would fit snugly.  (Please write me if you have a clue!) 

It would be great on cold days, hence it’s still on my winter essentials wish list.

STUART WEITZMAN Lowland Over-The-Knee Boot Black Suede

A black pair like these would be perfect on any cold day


PAIR OF EMBROIDERED GLOVES: a little winter glamour

This rose-pink pair of sheer gloves caught my eye for its lovely floral embroidery detail. It would add a touch of glamour to any look, while keeping delicate hands protected. 

If I would ever chance upon an embroidered pair similar to these, I’d make sure they’d be put to good use. A winter fashion accessory I’m on the lookout for and can imagine slipping on frequently.

Gucci Floral-embroidered tulle gloves

Aren’t they the prettiest gloves?


Sheer & long double breasted trench coat: for fashion’s sake

You’ll probably not want to count on this coat for keeping you toasty in a snowstorm, but if you’re willing to take the plunge for fashion, this might be the coat that is well worth-it.

Double breasted with button shoulder tabs and a tie waist, this DKNY trench coat is sheer and silky from the waist down. I haven’t seen many trench coats like that, but a design like that is bound to be a keeper for autumn and mild wintry days.

DKNY Sheer Long Trench Coat

Sheer is beautiful



By now, you might probably already recognise my adoration for beautiful lace and sheer items. So naturally, a pair of shoes with a combination of those qualities would be an essential on my list.

These Christian Louboutin Gipsy boots are made from guipure lace sourced from the Northern French town of Caudry. The luxurious stiletto boots are exquisite for day-to-night wear, embellishing any ordinary winter outfit.

Christian Louboutin Gipsy 100 guipure lace ankle boots

Absolute eye candy


Faux fur wrap: Staying warm and classy

I love the look of fur wraps. They add a hint of sophistication, trap warmth, and its velvet touch oozes pure luxury. Not to mention its handiness as an accessory for preserving your modesty.

This piece by Lanvin is made with bunny fur. It is indeed beautiful but as Bunny de coco, I clearly would not bear to wear this. Given how much I love furry clothing and accessories, a faux fur version of this is a must-have for me.

Lanvin Rabbit Fur Wrap Scarf

Faux fur please!


Speaking of which, that’s a wrap for my winter wish list essentials! 😉

These selected items are great basics that will take you through winter; keeping you toasty, looking in vogue and feeling beautiful. They’re what I would pick out, if I had to choose among everything else in the world for my winter wardrobe. 

What are your winter wishlist essentials? What would you like to see me curate next? Drop me a comment below! 

The bunny de coco winter essentials!

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