Review: Apple’s AirPods don’t fit in my ears!


I don’t know what happened to this post. I was trying to upload more photos of my AirPods when *poof* the entire post disappeared! Now I have to re-write the post again…

After a rather long time of using the iPhone 7Plus, I recently found out that it doesn’t have an earphone jack. *gasp* This delayed realisation occurred when I refused to bring along the AirPods that Mr. N bear had gotten me, onto the plane. I had insisted on taking my wired headphones, even though N kept telling me to take the AirPods instead. Later on, on the plane of course, I tried plugging in and comprehended why.

My reasons for refusing were plain and simple. And these are also the reasons I do not enjoy the Apple AirPods.


1. They DO NOT fit in my ears.

They occasionally sit well enough, but mostly fall out of my earbuds if I happen to squirm. It’s terribly annoying to deal with this, especially when I’m out and about. I constantly have to ensure they are sufficiently stuffed against my earbuds. And whenever they fall out, my heart sinks; in fear they will forever be lost to the roadside ditch or platform gap. Apple needs to fix this one-size-fits-all flaw if they want to make wireless earphones.


2. Sometimes the genius AirPods don’t connect properly to my phone.

This causes unnecessary embarrassment when music is played aloud in public – especially when there is explicit content inappropriate for the ears of a child, or when judgemental folk are nearby (which is all the time). To illustrate this point, this happened to me just yesterday while on the train.

Trying to listen to some music on genius AirPods.

*Music plays aloud* Crap, why isn’t the music playing from my AirPods?

Trying to stop it. Too late, music plays and coincidentally opens with crude words.

Hears (maybe imagined) sniggers echoing across.

Great, now everyone thinks I’m a savage.


3. They look weird.

They’re like earphones which have been awkwardly cut off. They stick out of the ears, look partially futuristic, but not that futuristic. I cannot imagine any person who would look good wearing the Apple AirPods, honestly. You either look like a bouncer of a nightclub or security personnel. Whenever I don the AirPods, I’ve never received compliments but instead comments close to insults. That’s not much a boost to one’s self-esteem :c

Maybe if the AirPods looked a bit more fashionably acceptable, I could deal with the poor ergonomics, or vice versa. But hey, they don’t even fare well on either fronts!

If my iPhone had an earphone jack, there’s no debate that I would turn to my wired earphones or headphones. But I currently don’t have a choice thanks to the newer iPhone models. With wired earphones, I wouldn’t have to worry about them falling out of my earbuds; they provide me a sense of security, save me from any potential embarrassment, and really, they work just fine.

So, Apple, if you want me to not hate you for making me use the Apple AirPods, you need to improve them.


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