About Bunny de coco


Hi. Here’s what I look like from the back :3

I’m Adrianna, aka Bunny de coco. I also operate under the aliases Gothicity and Annadria Fleuretta, depending on my fancy. 

I’m an independent  jewellery artist who started the artisan label Annadria, where I make luxuriously pretty things inspired by the bygone eras. 

I started this blog to keep myself sane amidst the cluttered chaos we live in today; the idea was to journal the adventures and misadventures of my days spent shuttling between Hong Kong and Singapore, along with charting life’s intricacies. 

Some of my favourite things include vintage fashion, period dramas, the Victorian era, and exploring new places with my N bear.

I think people of today need a little me space for honesty and reflection. Happy to share with you mine.


Bunny de coco